The Verandah Residences Site Plan & Floor Plans

More Read Up on How to Read A Floor Plan Before The Verandah Residences Purchase

There are many things potential buyers of The Verandah Residences must take into account before any purchase . This is the point in time where one would find a floor plan very handy. If one were to be armed with just the basic knowledge they could gather more knowledge instead of just gathering the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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  • Doors

Find the main door. Once that is done it would be far easier to visualize the rest of the structure and gain a better idea what one is getting into. The symbol for doors is a quarter-circle. They do not only help in orientation but they also describe links between rooms.  Another thing to keep in mind is whether the door swings in or out. Most doors in Singapore homes swing to the inside of the room or structure.

  • Windows

Natural light and ventilation are a very important feature in any home. There are two types of windows. The sliding ones, which are shown by thin hollow lines by the walls while the casement windows are usually denoted by a symbol similar to doors.

  • Walls

Since open-concept homes are coming into fashion most home owers are interested in knowing which walls in the structure can be safely removed. The structural walls cannot be removed since as the name suggests will compromise the structural integrity of the home if removed. Non-structural walls serve the purpose of separating rooms and hence they can be removed without putting the building in danger. Structural walls are denoted by thick bold lines while the non-structural walls are represented by thin lines.

  • Floor Layout

Floor layout is another important factor. If one were to form a picture of the layout in the mind they could decide whether this is the sort of floor planning that works out for them or not. Some families prefer the main door opening directly into the kitchen area since a lot of time is spent in lugging groceries back and forth from the car. Others prefer the entrance near the living room are because they have many guests coming in and out. Note how each area is structured with respect to the other areas while keeping an eye on the corridors. Some like long corridors which makes it easy to separate personal and private areas while those who do not entertain guests think of it as space wasted.

  • Size

Some floor plans contain actual dimensions which help visualize the structure better.

  • Shape

A box shape is most sought after as odd shapes make it difficult to furnish the apartment ideally.

  • PES

Private Enclosed Space is an optional feature as some people who host gatherings may want something large enough to host a dinner while those who do not may want nothing to do with it.

  • Maids Room/Servant Quarters

If families plan to employ a maid they can check whether the plan incorporates a maid room or not.