The Verandah Residences Condo Price – Enbloc Price By Oxley Holdings Limited

Land LocationSuccessful Sale PriceLand SizeOption Granted DateCompletion of the Purchase
231 Pasir Panjang Road$121,000,0008,326 square metres11 July 201721 November 2017
The Verandah Residences purchase price of 231 Pasir Panjang road

The Verandah Residences Condo Price – Nearby Condo Prices

Freehold Condos Around District 15, Pasir Panjang RoadAverage Psf For The Past 6 Months TransactedImplied Rental Yield
24 One Residences$1,698.10Under Construction
Parc Imperial$1,647.903.69%
The Grandhill$1,061.202.70%
The Maylea$1,341.903.10%
Nearby Condo prices around The Verandah Residences

The Verandah Residences Condo Price – Estimated Launch And Guide Price

  • Developer has not released any prices currently and will be announced around around early 2018.
  • To keep updated of the price list, do register here to keep abreast of the development.

The Verandah Residences Condo Price – More Read Up The Launch price

The Verandah Residences showflat location

Developers and builders who are building residential projects like The Verandah Residences, aim to construct a project that will sell, and has a good market value compared to the input material. Everyone wants to get the best price out of a property, be it anything from a simple piece of land to a whole building. We’ll show you how to estimate what a good piece of land or property will be worth, or should be worth.

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In terms of a The Verandah Residences condo, the most expensive bit of the whole deal will be the land. Construction costs come in at second, while designing costs come third. But, these are not the only prices and costs that go into the selling price of a property. In fact, other details like the administrative costs, sales and marketing expenses, financial costs, taxes, profit margins and much more go into what makes a final selling price. It may not be so easy to judge for a building what its cost may be, but it’s also not hard. Once you are aware of what the land cost to the developer, and how much money is going into construction, you can somewhat make a rough estimate of his or her future selling price.

This article helps you learn how to estimate the selling or launch price of a property before having its official release. Example, the developer was awarded the land for S$345.86 million. Firstly, you take this value and divide it by the total number of square feet on the property, to estimate what the cost per square feet was when the property was bought. This gives us a rough S$755 per square feet.

With the addition of construction costs and architecture design, the market competitive rate is S$350 per square foot. The total sum of both these figures gives out the base cost of any property.

For a further accurate estimation, we take a rough 30% of the base cost, that will be the costs of administration, staff, rents, taxes, sales and marketing, finances and interests and profit margins. A rough estimation gives this to be S$331 per square feet.

Add these three prices to get a rough idea of what the launch price of the property will be per square feet. These estimations are sort of very accurate and work nicely with the current low price volatility environment. With the current land prices and construction costs, these rates are very much accurate. But if the prices of any factor go up, the estimation could seriously differ than what it is right now. Another major difference could be that construction costs could vary and go higher if you choose to build a luxurious condo. As you go higher while choosing how luxurious and elite your property should look like, the price of each square feet will increase for construction costs.